As Çetinkaya Pano, our basic principle is; To provide quality services and products that will ensure the continuity of CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.
Awareness of legal and customer conditions, on this road we started;
• To meet customer expectations at the highest level without sacrificing quality in the sector.
• To comply with quality management requirements.
• To document and continuously improve the requirements of quality management standards,
• Evaluating our business processes and determining approaches that will improve our performance,
• To continuously improve our quality management system and ensure the continuation of standards requirements in order to comply with official and legal requirements.
• To closely follow and apply technological developments in our production and thus to increase product quality


We constantly increase the sensitivity of the products we produce towards the environment in the production and after-sales process, and raise awareness of our customers and employees in order to reduce environmental risks.
Along with environmental awareness, we take all measures to protect our environment and leave a cleaner world for future generations.
By minimizing our waste, we integrate the waste management system into our general operation, and we include all our teammates in the system.
We apply the works done to use energy efficiently in all units of our production system.
We use the recycling system to prevent pollution at its source.
We train our units to comply with applicable legal and other obligations.
We are registered in the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Waste electrical and electronic goods management information system and we fulfill its responsibilities.


Our Recruitment Process is based on equal opportunity and is carried out according to the criteria in the Human Resources Regulation. Our goal is to bring the most suitable people to the vacant positions. In this direction, job offers are made to the candidates whose characteristics most closely match the qualifications required by the job.
Applications for related positions are evaluated through www.kariyer.net, GENERAL APPLICATION or Social Media.
Our interview process begins in line with your qualifications and vacancies. At the end of the first interviews conducted by the Human Resources Department, candidates who are evaluated positively in terms of corporate culture and suitability for the competencies required by the job are invited to the second interviews. After the successful completion of the interview phase, a job offer is made to the candidate.
The performances of our employees; It is monitored by a senior manager to whom it is affiliated for a whole year. Through mutual meetings and multi-faceted evaluations made at the end of the year, the realization rates of personal goals are determined depending on the employee’s performance and company goals.
Depending on the performance evaluations; Training and development plans are made in line with the needs of the individuals.