As Çetinkaya Pano, our fundamental principle is to provide service and products in such quality ensuring the continuity of CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

In the path that we started with the awareness of Legal and Customer terms, we will;

  • Meet the customer expectations to the most without compromising the quality in the sector,
  • Comply with the quality management requirements,
  • Document and improve constantly the quality management standards to fulfill the requirements thereof,
  • Determine such approaches for improving our performance by assessing our work processes,
  • Constantly improve our quality management system and ensure the maintenance of the requirements of the standards for compliance with governmental and legislative requirements,
  • Follow and apply the technological developments in our productions and accordingly, improve the product quality,


We raise awareness of our customers and employees for mitigating the environmental risks, and increase environmental consciousness in the course of production and after sale of our products.

We take all the measures for the sake of protecting the environment and leaving a cleaner world to future generations.

We minimize our wastes, integrate the waste management system to our overall operations, and include all our team members into the system for this regard.

We implement all the works of efficient energy utilization in all the departments of our production system.

We adopt the recycling system for preventing pollution at the source.

We abide applicable legal and other obligations, and train our departments accordingly.

We are registered to the information system of Management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipments of Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, and fulfill our responsibilities.


Our recruitment process is based on the equal opportunity principle, and managed according to the criteria of Human Resources Regulations. Our aim is to assign the most suitable person to any available position. Accordingly, we offer job positions to such candidates whose qualifications match up the job requirements in the most manner.

Job applications are evaluated through www.kariyer.net, GENERAL APPLICATIONS, or via Social Media.

Interviews take place according to the qualifications of applicants and in line with any available position in our personnel. After the initial interviews conducted by Human Resources Department, those applicants considered to match up to the corporate culture and the job requirements are invited for a second interview. Upon completion of interviews, successful applicants are offered a job position.

Relevant supervisors through entire year monitor employee performances. By means of interviews at the end of year and the versatile evaluations, employee’s performance as well as the rate of accomplishment of personal objectives based on the company objectives are determined. Depending on the performance evaluations conducted, training and improvement schedules are designed according to the needs of the individuals.